List of Passive Income Streams I am currently trying to build

Next step for me to post will be a list of the ways I am currently working toward building passive income streams. It has been too long since posting here. I am fighting through some setbacks but I am sorry for the delay.

I will list the small ways I am working towards passive income. These are by no means bringing in much right now yet I hope to change that going forward. I am definitely open for anyone’s input along this line because I know that I have a lot to learn in these matters. However I am very teachable and I am trying to be a sponge and soak up ALL OF THE INFORMATION I CAN ABOUT THIS SUBJECT!! please share your ways you have found successful in building some income!

1. Ibotta. I am using Ibotta for our grocery shopping. While it does not produce a lot of savings; I am getting close to being able to cash out on another $20. This is with just an individual account; this process is much faster when you have teamwork because they offer bonuses for teamwork. My lifetime savings with Ibotta is currently $35.50.

While I am not telling you that is a way to massive income; however it is a possible trickle. If you are interested here’s a link that you could sign up.

2.Finviz. I have an affiliate link with Finviz for their stock charting services. If I can get some to sign up for their monthly services; I get about $7.50 in monthly commission per contract. I do not make anything from this yet; however I have had about 70 views, so I think it is just a matter of time before I will be generating income here.


I am pinning pins on Pinterest and generating a small stream of income with Shopstyle. Here again I am not talking about a large volume of income currently. There is a larger potential in this. I am at $7.75 right now.

4. Pay per Post. I just opened an account with them last night. This is an advertising company that pays you to post with their ads; you get to select what ads you want. This is a open experience.

5. Robinhood. I have a small account that I am personally working on. Also I am in a joint larger account. We are pleased with the service and the free trades with Robinhood.

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.


6. Buying and selling used cars

I have just brought a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I am hoping to resell within 3 months. I have about $1300 into it and Kelley Blue Book values it between $1760 and $3200; I am hoping for around $2600. With the $2600; I plan to return to the auction with $2000 and purchase another vehicle. I hope to buy a better vehicle for me at some point and then just have a second vehicle up for sale always. A very possible source of added income.

Have any thoughts or input here? I would like to hear from you.


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I have told you that one of my goals is to begin to generate passive income streams. Well I have! I have learned a process of pinning on Pininterest for an income; and as of this writing, I have earned $1.25. Yes I know that is a small amount. Yet my excitement is two-fold.

1. I figured it out and got it Started! I knew that it couldn’t be that hard to do and really it wasn’t. There is a little bit of a process to build followers on Pininterest that ongoing but even that isn’t that hard to do. As of this writing, I have 1045 followers on Pininterest; and I am building on that number.

2. The real excitement is in the POTENTIAL. The $1.25 earned so far is with just 1045 followers; imagine with me what I could be earning with 10000 followers. Also these pins are just simple pins; most of them I have not written any notes, just pinned the pin. Another thought is this my income of $1.25 is from 25 clicks on my pins; that is without any commission from sales, which is 5%. So if I would sell anything from my pins I earn 5% of sales! Thus the reason I have been trying to add at least 10 pins every week day. You can have as many pins as you want! Pins can be repinned by others and I still get my $.05 for every view and 5% for every sale (so I very much welcome the repinning process)!

So while currently the stream is just a trickle but with time and effort I know it can work into a better amount!


1. Open a Pininterest account

2.Open a Shop Style Collection account

3.Begin following spinners on Pininterest. Then follow your follower’s followers and even ones they ar3 following. After awhile of doing this; you begin to build a following. I have done this now for about two weeks and I have over 1000 followers and that number is increasing.

3. Begin posting pins from Shop Style.

I know that I am just beginning this process myself and my current level of success is quite small. I WELCOME two things right here: 1. If you are want to get started with this; you could possibly research this and find a better teacher than me. By all means please do. I just ask that if you reach great success with it; that you come back and thank me and Impart some of your knowledge with me!

2. If you are someone who has done this with a moderate level of success; PLEASE don’t just sit back and laugh at me. YOU ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT ME; AND MAYBE WE CAN ARRANGE FOR YOU TO BE A GUEST HERE !! YOU COULD SHARE WITH US YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

Thanks for now. I hope I have helped someone with this post. Please let me know. Feedback and following is greatly desired and appreciated!


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What makes a tree useful?

When a person is planning out the landscaping on a new piece of property; one must take into careful consideration the proper placement of any trees that they want to plant. Often it is hard to visualize the destructive forces of improper placement of those tiny little trees; oh how cute and sweet they look. Yet we have all seen what force the root system puts under the sidewalk; causing it to heave upward. Or maybe you seen what a root system can do to a foundation. Or maybe your experience has been with the problems that the branches can cause. Just know it is very advisable to plan a large space around that little tree when you plant it!

However I need to get closer to my subject at hand: What makes a tree useful? I believe the greatest asset of a tree is it’s branches. If the reason for the planting of a tree is to provide a wind block; the branches are the largest source of wind block. If the desire is that of shade; then again the largest source of shade provided is from the branches and it’s leaves. The fruit tree grows it’s fruit on it’s branches. So truly a tree without branches has a much smaller usefulness.

A little over a month ago, I planted this “tree” (in the form of a blog);my intention was two-fold: to start on my own journey to successfully winning with my finances and to be a source of help for many in the area of personal finances. Yes, I am happy to say I am gaining some ground personally; and I am anxiously awaiting some feedback letting me know that I have been a source of encouragement.

Currently this blog could be liken to a tiny little tree that was just in a five gallon bucket; but was recently placed in the ground. I plan to continue to “water” and feed this blog until I see the desired growth. I will branch out into many different subjects that will provide ideas for winning with money. I hope that under the “shade” of this blog, many can find the much needed “cool-headedness” in the heated stresses of every day life! Or if the howling winds of debt and it’s stressfulness threatens you, you can find a source of shelter from ideas found in this blog. All the while; providing “fruits”(in the form of IDEAS) from this blog. A tall order? Prehaps a bit! Yet I believe I can build such a blog a little at a time. Right now the branches are tiny but I am excited because they are beginning to form!! You might want to stick around for all the EXCITEMENT!!! COME AND FOLLOW THE JOURNEY @

Quick Post

I am making a small post to remind you of some of the previous offers that I have made. This post serves to let everyone know that these offers still stand.

1) Robinhood

I have posted 2 links to open an accounts with them. We have appreciated the free service from them. The offer of free stock for referrals is very attractive in my mind; even more so when the offer of up to $500 in free stock. I want to invite you; to go back to my previous post on Robinhood and review my offer!

Investing is one means of passive income. Especially when one invests in dividend paying stocks. I plan to write a post soon on stock investing.

2) Ibotta

I have found this app to be a useful tool in gaining a small amount back for mostly grocery purchases; but every amount coming back to me helps. Yet here again, I am interested in their referral bonus; up to $100. Also when you have your referrals join; they become a part of your team and you can receive teamwork bonuses that can really add up! So again I want you to go back and review the post on my Ibotta offer; and consider if this could be beneficial to you!

3) Finviz

This tool is for the advancing stock trader. This is an invaluable resource for its many tools at your disposal! Again I would be extremely pleased if I could even help one person advance in the area of profitable stock trading!

I do have some other offers coming. I hope to expand in many different directions but with one common goal in mind: TO HELP US WIN WITH OUR FINANCES!

So that’s all for now! Yet I plan to be back soon with a regular post. Stay tuned. Please feel free to comment!




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Celebrate the Small Steps!

How many mothers (and fathers) can relate with the moments of great joy and excitement; when your infant child took their VERY FIRST step? What a moment of celebration! The squeals of delight and shouts of encouragement. Those little feet moving oh so carefully and slowly! The wobbly legs and the balancing arms are all part of the process. How thrilled mommy is. Often there is the instant call to the grand parents with the grand announcement of the first step.

Well… …I have a grand announcement here! I have taken some first steps in my GREAT JOURNEY! I know that currently they truly are small steps but AT LEAST I AM HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

1. My first step truly was the beginning of this blog. I am gaining some headway and steam! I feel a little encouraged with some recent progress; and I think that things will be getting better soon. I am diligently working towards creating passive income with my blog; so far I have not made any income. Yet I am actively taking some steps to get there and I believe that with these steps taken, I will soon generate some income. I am extremely grateful for all of my faithful FOLLOWERS! Together we can make this great Journey; and WIN WITH OUR FINANCES!

2. I gain a free stock from the refferal of my father to Robinhood. I know it was only $5; but it is $5, I didn’t have before this journey. I have a second referral in the making; so I am little excited about this small progress. Yes; at this point, I know I talking about baby steps.

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.


So how many of you remember this vehicle? My poor old 1998 Dodge Durango that I totaled the first of 2018. I have a replacement vehicle:

A 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee! Alright; I know; it’s another baby step. Yes you are right; it is. Yet do you understand my theme here. I am having a little celebration of my steps out of the mud I have been stuck in; I am heading towards my GOALS! Anyone care to join me? I want encourage you to start out on your JOURNEY! There are so many opportunities that is no REASON WHY WE ALL CANNOT WIN WITH OUR FINANCES!

Well if I have given ANYONE (YES I MEAN YOU!!!) any measure of encouragement; or if you would just like to add a little to my celebration, then PLEASE BY ALL MEANS POST A COMMENT!


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Sandwich or Fishing Pole?

I want to share a rather embarrassing story on myself. Let me start out by saying; I am not much of a fisherman. Now don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy the outdoors and the wildlife but I have never been good at catching fish. If you want a real fisherman; you will need to speak to my father, he does very well and if anyone says anything about fishing, he’s ready to go! -“Right, Dad?”-

Well, as you can already tell this story is about a fishing trip. It took place probably 25 years ago, and I wish it wasn’t about me, but it is. Dad had taken our family on another fishing trip up in the Colorado mountains and we had a great morning of fun in the sun and water. As usual, mom had packed us a meal in our cooler, and she was the overseer that everyone received their sandwiches and drinks. After we had all received our respective meals and family grace was given; we all headed to our different locations on the banks of the river. Dad had his; where he had already caught two fish, and soon probably would catch more. My older brother had his; where he had caught a fish. Yet there had seemingly been no fish in my section of the river; so I felt it very important to move on to a better location. I set out to find that prime and ideal place. Up the river a little bit; the banks of the river got quite steep and rocky; so I had to do a bit of climbing and scrambling. Now please don’t forget; we had just received our lunch sandwiches, right before I had set out on my little trek. So there I was with two sandwiches in one hand and my father nice $25-ish fishing pole in the other. Now, even with both hands empty, I am not the best rock-climber, and especially NOT with both hands loaded down! So, yes; you guess it! As I was scrambling over the rocks; I slipped and was faced with a threefold dilemma. 1) Go over the side of the rock and into the river with my sandwiches and dad’s fishing pole. 2) Let go of my sandwiches and stabilize myself with my free hand. Then go back to my mother and get my replacement sandwiches. Well, here’s the embarrassing part of this whole story; so get your laughs ready, while I find my hole to crawl into. I chose choice #3) Let go of dad’s fishing pole for the stabilization! There went dad’s fishing pole into the river; NEVER TO SEEN EVER AGAIN! What an absolute crazy idea!

Well what makes the sharing of this story a little less of an overwhelming embarrassment is the fact that everyone at some point or another has done something similar. So what I hope to use this story to relate to my thoughts right now is this: What are we giving up of greater value; to have the smaller lesser value items that we can’t live without. I am really a big fan of Dave Ramsey, and I can hear him saying, “Beans and rice now. Live like no else; so that later you can live like no one else!” He is saying that when drowning in debt; a person ought to sacrifice the little trifles in order to sock as much money as possible to the looming mountain of debt every month. Yet so often, at least in American culture, we find it SO EXTREMELY HARD to tell ourselves, “No!” to that latte or capachino that we think we so DESPERATELY NEED RIGHT NOW! We are thereby, delaying our freedom from the burden of debt with our own habits.

So maybe you need to learn to let go of those “sandwiches”; hold on to the fishing pole! If you have had the habit of losing the “fishing poles”; I am not here to scold you but I want to encourage you to press that restart button. Then lets begin to work towards developing some winning strategies in your finances. While I am not saying I have all of the answers; I am in the process of building a blog full of winning tips and suggestions. I know that I have a long way to go in the Journey but that can increase the fun; seeing new developments along the way! …So, as I always say; “Come and share money ideas @