“Fasten your seatbelt- Here we go!!!”

As I promised today’s blog post was written by a guest writer. She has been a very leading factor in my life; and has been a HUGE source of Inspiration for me! Today’s guest writer is none other than my very own MOTHER! I will say her approach in this writing was a bit surprising to me with her allegorical approach; but I think you will enjoy what she has to say here!

Fasten your seatbelts- Here we go!!!!

Enjoy the journey (trip): no tricycles ALLOWED!! Where are we going??? Not sure yet, soooo…. ..LET’S just “mosey” STRAIGHT ahead; looks good to ME. No need to go to the bank, ’cause right now no money is needed. We can go anywhere we please, in this “Think-TANK”!

The city of “SUCCESS” isn’t far from here; so let’s head there, OKAY? Make sure our tank is full of optimism with octane! Negative fuel is like running on flat tires– they shred off after only a short ride. (Oh nice, someone turned on some good music.) America the Beautiful/ Land of MANY DREAMS! This is where the city of SUCCESS is, just around the curve and over the next hill.

Anyone sceptical, we have a snack just for YOU: “turkey jerky”! Healthy Snacks!! We will pick up hitchhikers headed this way! Only no time for loafers, they might slow us down! (The only “dumb idea” is NO IDEA AT ALL!)

Not only are we a wealthy nation and people, but sad to say, we are a very WASTEFUL nation! Recently, we have been drawn to the “retro” shops; that is currently a growing retail business. There are some very “clever” folk; creatively amassing a FORTUNE from other people’s junk!!

Let me tell you, there are some very interesting FACTS about this “quant” city of SUCCESS! Yet I don’t have enough time; nor do I even don’t know where to begin! So why don’t you just begin to EXPLORE and LEARN your way around! The shops and businesses are like NONE you have ever seen anywhere else! You can find just the”right fit” for you and your future; if you will just put forth the effort and keep at it!!!

How am I doing? Not going too fast, I hope! I am not apologizing for not directly addressing the subject! Or maybe I am addressing the subject; just from a different “perspective”!

Oh dear, I didn’t even tell you our mode of transportation: —A 1966 Ole Chevy school bus; oh no, it’s not an automatic, this is a MANUAL transmission. This transmission is also known as the…. ……”BRAIN!!!” LET’S GET ON OVER THE HILL!!!

Thanks for letting me ramble here!

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So what do you think? Please let me know! My mother has said for some time now; that she really needs to get writing. I hope this will help give her a little nudge! So if you have liked what she had to say here; then please post a comment and help me give an ENCOURAGING NUDGE in the right direction.

Now for a little more excitement; I want to post an announcement from our TEAM! SO LISTEN UP:

Coming soon: the new Joplin counterpart’s musical masterpieces.

Hello. My name is Brian, and I am the 15 year old son of the writer of this blog. Coming by August of 2018 is a collection of my musical compositions in the form of an ebook for an aspiring musician. “Tickle Them Ivories: Five pieces for intermediate piano” contains notes on how I come up with different ideas, plus pieces of my musical flops. There will be a link in the blog when the book is prepared, or you can purchase it on Smashwords.com. Otherwise, I will hope to see you…

…en concerte.

I wish to say here; his mother and I quite thrilled to see him as he develops his God-given talent! I know every purchase he could make of his works would be a great boost and encouragement to him! This will be coming soon; so please keep “tuned in” and follow the blog! And more of our family TEAM members will be presenting in following blogs….. More EXCITEMENT IS COMING…….


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It’s still too cold out!

Picture looking out my frosted front door; proves to me: THAT IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!

As I’ve said before; I work in the construction field in Northern Colorado. Just about 20 minutes ago, my boss texted me with this message: “It’s still too cold out; So we will start @ 10” Normally starting at 10 am rather then starting at 8 am, might cause a little stir among the crew; “Well we’ll be losing 2 hours of pay!” But I am certain that the entire crew is on board with the thought of starting late this morning; as well as the fact that we’ve had the last two days off also. It has been so cold and bitter. About a week ago, we had a day of similar cold and we attempted to work through the bitter cold; with very limited success. We had real problems keeping the air-compressor and the nail-guns going. Finally we built a little tent out of tarps and a put a small space heater in there with the air-compressor; and that was helpful in keeping it going. The next thing we knew the nail-guns would freeze up with ice in them. Needless to say ; but we got very little done that day. That is not even talking about how cold we were!

So rather than repeating days with little progress; our boss has opted for us to only look out on the encrusted and enchanted world of ice crystals and bitter cold. “Thanks, Mike! I believe you have made the right decision!” Even though my paycheck will be much smaller; I still think that this has been a very profitable time for me and my family. Please allow me to explain.

You see; ever since I started blogging, I have overheard little comments like “Dad and his stupid ideas!” and “he’s only going to make like 7 cents for every 1000 visitors to his site!” This has been overwhelmingly frustrating, as the comments have only increased in the last few days! So I decided to at least try to take some action on combating this train of thought and I think I’ve won!!!!

At first it was a real struggle going on; but I believe I begun to gain ground when I told them how Thomas Edison was ridiculed as he was working towards his invention. He was called an idiot for his attempts to produce light out of a glass bulb; “how utterly insane!” I walked over to the light-switch and flicked the light off and on again, and asked my children, “Do you like that?” “Why, of course!”, was the quick reply. “Then thank an ‘idiot’ by the name of Thomas Edison!”, I responded. Through the process of ten thousand failed attempts and the painful ridicule, he pushed on and now he is a hero. I, in a similar fashion, am striving to find a successful means to build a passive source of income for my family; while to this current time, I have only achieved a very small amount of success, I am still encouraged. I feel that my first “$.07” is around the corner; and I was really excited when I looked at my Robinhood account and saw that they given me my free stock for reffering my father. So I can now say that I have truly received $5.41 in passive income, and feel a measure of accomplishment.

As the discussion progressed with my children; I felt that I was finally gaining some ground with them. I started sharing with them, my short term goal of owning property of our own; and the great opportunities for them to have a lot of fun. Now a garden and some chickens, maybe even a cow or two are in the plans. By this point; they were getting excited! So we set our short term family goals: owning our own 2-5 acres with a modular home; with long term goals from there. Next I begun to let them know that for us to obtain these goals we would have to work together and be a real TEAM! So now we are a TEAM working together to accomplish both personal and family Goals. I am very excited even though this current paycheck will be much smaller; I can see some real gains in other ways! I invite you to come and visit


And if you keep following; you will be able to watch our NEW BUT WINNING TEAM make our first appearance and you will see our push to victory!

Negative Thoughts Can Destroy!

Hey before I get to far into this blog post today; I want to let everyone know that I have a tricycle up for sale!I will sell it for the best offer! If you have no clue what I am talking about; PLEASE, go back to my last post and read it!

Just a word of caution here about today’s post: I will be covering a section of very heavy material! It is NOT my intention to engender any anger or arguments on this subject! I, only want to convey some thoughts I have on this subject; and to use it as a springboard into a similar thought in the realm of personal finances. If you want to express your anger or you wish to argue about this issue; then, PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE! If I take your post to be either out of anger or wishing to argue; then I, most likely, will not respond; or I will simply ask you to leave! Thanks for understanding and for your patience with me!

We live in a world that has many negative things going on. Many of which are out of our control to do anything or very little about. I know that we OUGHT to do what we can in some circumstances; and we ought to learn personally what those circumstances are in our own lives. However, I am realizing, that the longer we dwell on those negative things out of our control; the more those things will affect us negatively. I have worked with some who spend much time dwelling on negative things; and it in turn, is making them so embittered and sour. I know there are things that we all see, hear and feel on a daily basis; that are depressing; but for your own sake and the sakes of the others around you, DON’T DWELL THERE! Can I give a take-away thought here? Don’t dwell on things that make you bitter; but rather on things that make you BETTER!!!!!!

Here in our own beautiful country of America(Yes, I am patriotic to the “core”; and so should you! ), we are hearing too many instances of the horrible acts of mass shootings and other such acts. These things often happen because that person allowed themselves to dwell too long and too much on the negative things that bothered them; and the negativity drove them to do what they did. You could say the negativity drove them insane! None of us are exempt from going there; if you allow yourself to dwell in negative thoughts, you will drive yourself either crazy or insane. I want to move away from this train of thought; but before I do, I wish to take a moment to speak to those who have been close to, or have been closely touched by such awful things that I am currently speaking about. I am truly sorry for your experience and/ or your loss. Your pain, sorrow and grief is fully understandable. I hope you have found or will soon find proper and suitable support for your emotional well- being. If you have not yet done so, PLEASE DO SO AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN! From the depths of my heart; I am asking God to give you strength and comfort in this hard time! May God richly bless you!

Now, some of you might asking, “What in the world does this have to do with personal finances?” Now that’s a great question. You see; negativity OFTEN KEEPS US POOR! Too many of us (Yes, even me; though it’s hard to admit) have spent FAR too much time focusing on the PROBLEMS rather than the SOLUTIONS! Thus we continue to have a negative affect on our finances. In most cases, if we really want something enough, we always seem to find a way to get it! This is especially true in affluent countries, where OPPORTUNITIES abound. Those who focus on their problems; sometimes are those who are having the “pity-parties”, and before long, they become a pitiful mess! …NEWSFLASH… PROBLEMS COME TO THE WEALTHY TOO!!! The difference is this: they focus on their problems only long enough; to have sized it up, to be able to go out and find the solution that will fit it! How does apply to us? I believe that MANY of our financial problems have solutions that would fit them perfectly! It is only up to us; to go out and find it in our land of many opportunities! Hard work? YES. Many hours searching? PERHAPS! Will we need help in finding the proper fit? MOST LIKELY AND PROBABLY ADVISABLE!

I am trying to say here; opportunities abound all around us, it’s our own faults, if we don’t take advantage of them. Of course, we need to exercise caution here, lest our ignorance leads us us in a trap. So perhaps; before taking a huge step and spending a lot of money, seek out the wise advice of someone knowledgeable in this area. Building a TEAM around us; is of great importance! I, personally like amgrams; so here is one:





Build a TEAM!

Do I need to remain poor, broke and frustrated? Are there opportunities around me that could solve my problems? How tired am I, of my current problems?

I hope this post to be helpful and thought provoking! If so; please post and let me know. I am wanting more input and inter-action on my blog. Again I am on a journey; so I am fully aware that I am not an expert on this subject! I am only a LEARNER at this point; sharing only what I have learned, with any and all who will listen.

Thanks to all of my followers; I am working towards building a great blog on this subject. I know that this blog is truly a work in progress; and there are many improvements to be made. So thanks for your patience with me; PLEASE let me know what you think. Have I improved? Or how can I improve?


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Coming up! Our next blog will continue along a similar thought line of how certain thought patterns can negatively affect us. I have asked someone to our guest and write for us. I believe you will NOT want to miss what she will have to say! This person has been a great influence in my life and I think she will have some valuable thoughts to share with you!

Hey, What’s Under The Hood?

All the cars are lined up in neat rows; people are wandering about from car to car. The fresh paint glistens, and the glass and even the tires gleam with polish! People “ooh and aah!” over the beautiful cars at the car show. Yet there is one common phrase asked over and over again: “What’s under the hood?” That’s what I want to think about a little; but first a short story that comes to mind.

When we went back to visit family in the Rhode Island/ Massachusetts area; my Uncle Newt had a car in his garage “just waiting” for us to come and take a ride. And what an awesome ride! For you see, the car was a 1969 Ponitac GTO (THE JUDGE). My two brothers and I were thrilled with the ride, even though it was quite a quick! ride around the block. In no time at all after leaving his driveway, my uncle had the car “flying” at 90 mph! Yes, indeed, what an awesome ride! Thanks Uncle Newt, for the great memory and ride!


Now back to the thought at hand: “What’s under the hood?” Now you might hear some smart-aleck say, “Well a whole lot of metal, a little wire and some oil and gas.” But more likely you will get a quick answer like; “Why it’s a 318!” Or “a 404” Or “a 457” I am not personally too versed on the subject; but I believe the number represents the engine size in cubic inches. I know that some of these engines produce a whole lot of horsepower. I was sure thrown back in my Uncle Newt’s car!

So what’s under your hood? I mean; what’s motivating your financial world? I think most of our motivation is on the tricycle level: pedal power. It gets real difficult to pedal the tricycle up the giant mountains of life. No wonder we are SO STUCK! Maybe a few of us have advanced to the Pinto; and “CONGRATS” to those who have moved way ahead to the “457”!

Really what I am trying to get at, is this: WITHOUT MOTIVATION, WE WILL STAY STUCK!!!!! With many, there is a passive resignation, “This is where I am, so I might as well learn to deal with it.” With this attitude remaining; we will rarely, if ever, move from the stagnet mud puddle of debt and poverty. Here’s a thought to ponder: Mix Motivation with Action and you often get Success! Lacking either one of these powerful ingredients and often you get failure.

Now it’s NOT AT ALL my intention to come across as having arrived in this area, but I am just sharing where I am at in my thought process at this point in my life. I know three weeks ago; it hit me, “What am I going to do about the mess I am currently in?” “I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being so broke and so depressed financially!” It hit me hard; “It’s high time to take ACTION!” Most likely I will not have some rich stranger feel sorry for me and bale me out. I have become EXTREMELY MOTIVATED to do something about my financial condition! I have been doing A WHOLE LOT of researching for ways to generate extra income. I feel that I am slowly gaining some ground; yet I still have a lot to learn. Perhaps there someone with some successful ideas out there who like to help us here. If so, PLEASE teach me to “fish”! Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” – Chinese Proverb

So where are you at? It’s time that some of us “sell the old tricycle”; and get some more advanced MOTIVATION! I mean the kind that will throw us back in our seats!

Comments, thoughts and ideas are EXTREMELY WELCOME! PLEASE SHARE!

I am currently working on a logo. (Sorry I am not sure how to rotate it.) What do you think? Input is WELCOME!


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Discouragement vs Determination: The Epic Battle

As the boats began to draw closer together; it was clear to see that the other vessel was a mighty warship in the Royal British Navy. Along it’s massive sides were the great cannons ready for quick action. The great white billowing sails were highlighting the Union Jack.

As gap began to close more, there came the warning signal from the side of the mighty ship. Out of one of the cannons flashed a great flare and loud report. The great ship took a slight lurch to the side, as the heavy iron ball was flung through the air. There was a great splash just off the side of the smaller merchant-ship turned warship. The sailors on the smaller ship were wide-eyed; many were requesting the captain to turn back. Yet the captain refused to listen and kept the ship on a straight course towards the warship. As the distance quickly closed; the cannons began to report their fiery offerings at a very fast pace. Then came the splintering thud as the cannon ball made a great hole in the upper deck of the merchant ship. Yet the speed of the merchant ship barely slacked at all. The warships cannons were all sending out the great steel balls at the rapidly approaching smaller ship.

From all of the merchant ships smaller and fewer cannons came their first reports sending a volley of iron balls towards the massive warship. Some of the shots found their desired mark and began to cripple the great ship. A great volley of shots were returned; some which killed several of the sailors on the smaller vessel, among were some of the men firing it’s cannons. Men were begging the captain of the ship to surrender at this point but he wouldn’t hear of it. He, himself began to man one of the now empty cannon postions and ordered the ship to continue to close the gap between the two ships. The fierce fighting raged and both ships were crippled greatly. The smaller merchant ship to the point that would likely soon sink. Then the warship received a great blow to it’s mast.

The ships now were nearly side by side. The cannons that were still in firing position were intermittently blazing out. In the period of a short calm; the captain of the great warship yelled across to the smaller and greatly battered merchant ship’s captain, a question of their willingness to surrender. Then John Paul Jones yelled back his now famous words, “I have yet begun to fight!”

Now I, in no means, have meant to stir up any type of contention surrounding this great story; I have only one desire with the sharing of this story. I hope to ENCOURAGE us to continue to press forward even the face of great odds! I must be honest here; this blog has been born out of my own personal discouragement. I have yet to receive anything from my attempts of passive income; and I desperately need some more income. However I KNOW THAT I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!!! If there is anyone reading this blog who wishes to give me some pointers how I could move into seeing some reality, PLEASE feel free to post your comments or even just words of encouragement would be excepted.

Discouragement can be overpowering if one does not continue to fight back. I know personally; that one must have an ever deepening sense of determination to overcome. Of course; there times that we must make some adjustments to our plan, however in the face of discouraging times we must press on to victory. Overcome discouragement with a great resolve.


I am determined to continue my journey out of the mess I have been currently in. Anyone wanting to join me in a similar journey of their own is welcome to join. I KNOW THAT THERE IS A WAY OUT AND I PLAN TO FIND IT!!!!

“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without say anything .
Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Make sure to show love to those who you love today on Valentine’s Day!!!

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Attention: I want to help 8 people gain $110 by starting an Ibotta app

This is an offer that I can offer to people residing in America and Puerto Rico Only. I am sorry again to those residing outside of United States but I am working with the tools that I currently have and as I find things that can be offered internationally, I will post them.

Ibotta is an app used to receive refunds from the purchase of certain grocery items. You are rewarded for shopping! They also have teamwork bonuses that can add up to even better rewards.

This offer is much the same as the Robinhood offer that I made in an earlier post.

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I want to ask for my followers help!

I am asking for help in advertising this blog. If all of my followers could post this flyer below; we could possibly generate more traffic, which would be useful for all of us. I plan to continue to research and find new offers that can help more people. I truly want to be a source of help for many! Please go to my about page, use the provided email and send me a message after you hang up some advertisements; I will want to personally thank you for your help! Just copy this and print out:

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